The Process of Progress

I went to bed last night, fully expecting to blissfully sleep in, for a change, but this morning the phone woke me up. It was Keith, the guy from Southern Cabinets wanting to come right out and begin installing the new kitchen stuffsus!!! He asked if we had gotten the old stuff taken out, and I said, "Yes! Just yesterday!" A little while later, he pulled in with a truckload of butter colored (I call it 'sun-washed') boxes. He had to make a couple of trips, but he and a Mr. Ricky began installing them. They had this cool gadget I'd never seen. It is a 360 degree laser level. I hope the beam shows up...my flash insisted on catching it, even when I didn't want it to flash. I guess you'd have to click on the picture to see it; but only if you want to...heck, to you it might be 'old hat'. For me, I just thought it was downright coolness.They still have more to do, like put on the doors, and the 'jewelry' for the doors, that being the pulls and handles. I had spent a lot of time in the stores and online looking for the perfect style. I had just about given up, when I began to more closely inspect the handles that were on the existing old cabinets. Although they had been washed about a billion times over the twenty years they had been on there, they had taken on a 'patina'. They had become almost the same color of the dark wood to which they were attached. Since they were going to be tossed to the road anyhow, I unscrewed them, put them in a sink with vinegar and other elixers and let them soak. When I took a toothbrush to them, I was amazed at the beautiful bronze color that appeared, and immediately fell in love with them. Wow! No wonder the owner had picked them out in the first place. My quest was over! I found my treasure; my kitchen jewelry; I found my booty with my own two hands! Whoo Hoo.

It's all starting to come together nicely. Mr. Tim, the floor tile guy has been called and will be stopping by to put down some more tile where the divider cabinets had been. Mr. Chris Z., the carpenter is scheduled to help Keith with the over the stove fan installment, moving the fridge, etc. An electrician has still to be found.
Hey, Cappy and I are getting excited!

One thing, tho'. Between Keith's trips, apparently something had happened. As he was installing one of the cabinets, he said, "One of your dogs put paw prints in this one and got it dirty". I wonder how that happened.

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