Fast Ball...From Piller to Post

This is a video that should have been posted a couple of months ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw4WFgJTi9s YouTube didn't put it in the best quality format, but it's still fun. It's Cappy's sister and his niece singing. (I did answer Blythe...I nodded my head yes..in case you wonder, in the beginning of the video)
AND...I really haven't forgotten to work on our Mardi Gras slideshows, honestly! Ever feel like the faster you go, the farther behind you get sometimes? Well, thas me. I got set back, by being a nursemaid to SparkyBear, making sure he got all his pills taken, usually disguised as a juicy bite of cheese, then trying not to neglect my own health, taking my own handful of vitamins, and taking Cappy's few meds out to him on the Boat. So anyhow, for the most part we got back on keel. When Dan and Jennifer and the kids came down it was a wonderful week of rushing and hugging and having a lot of fun, catching up with family, catching beads, plus over-eating. Well, when they left, Cappy got on the canning kick, which was also a lot of fun, but time consuming. During the whole time, I've been fully aware that our cabinet maker has already gotten our 'kitchen' rebuilt, painted, curing, probably the 'jewelry'...drawer pulls and handles put on them. I've been trying to assemble all the other accoutrements that go with it, and line up the guys who are going to install said accoutrements. For months and months, even, I've been looking online, letting my fingies do the walking, finding things...or trying to find things, anyhow. Only yesterday I found the 12" deep sink we want, so ordered it. Now it needs a faucet...am scouring reviews to find the least troublesome and a good deal, to boot. I got the wallpaper. I got a fancy-shmancy lamp...not too much on the shmancy side...Cappy does live here, too. I got the corbels for under the shiny black granite table, but couldn't find a danged post that looked nice to hold it up...all I needed was just one. I've walked through Lowe's over and over again, thinking I must have missed something. Home "Despot" the same. Online...oh sure...$75 for one post. Uh...not. I finally picked one up yesterday, and not for any stinkin' $75 plus postage either. That's at least one more thing I can cross off my "Get 'er Done Last Month" list.
The garden desperately needs my attention. The flower beds desperately need my attention. The patio desperately needs my attention. The fruit trees desperately need my attention. It all needs doing now. We gots more company coming when Cappy gets off the boat next time...oh migosh, the bedroom has to be spruced up and made ready. But I can't wait to see them...it's Mr. Ed and Miss Jean!!! we LOVE them!
Know how they say life comes at you fast? It sure does, doesn't it? Life is a blast...life is a ball, but it sure comes at you fast.
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