A 'Day' Late And a...Mardi Gras Video...Finally.

This pretty girl is Melinda!

Well, I realize Mardi Gras has been over for almost a month now, and I shoulda had pictures and this video up awhile back. My decisions of late have been based on the theory, "Should I stop the rush I'm rushing to do this next rush, or rush the rush I'm rushing now?" Aww, it's ok, I know everybody's life is like that right now, isn't it? Anyway, I wish I knew which video/slideshow maker was a pansy. One that I could easily pin to the ground in hand-to-key combat. I always have a DELL of a time fighting with the video movie makers; and we have three of them! (on our Dell computer)They each want a piece of me, so I put on my game face and try bullying my way around them, then pick the one that's in the better mood to try to reason with. HAH! I struggled with it, and got it completed after it froze the computer seven times, rebooting, and starting all over. (no exaggeration...7...count 'em; seven times.)Like my Grandpa used to say, "It's like carving stone with a butter-knife". Then after I finally did finish it, I viewed it. I winced; I banged my head on the keyboard as I watched the final, completed project, which you have here. Ok, so enough whining already. Soooo nowwwww, whatcha got here, is a slideshow entitled, "Dan's 2009 Mardi Gras Visit". Dan and Jennifer brought most of the kids down and had a great time. They brought "Mr. D." the puppet from Jennifer's office, who has 'traveled' all over the world with people from her work. They took him a lot of places, but we need to get pictures from them. Cappy and I got to squish and cuddle Chase, the baby a whole lot, while the rest of the crew went to New Orleans for the big parades. I should have gotten more pictures of him, mostly climbing up on Grandpa Cappy's lap, which he loved doing an whole lot. One of Cappy's Godson's, Patrick, a Marine(!) from Houston came over to attend his very first Mardi Gras with us. Our friends David and Ginger's son. We were truly honored to have him over and hope he makes a habit of coming to visit, now that he drives and has a cool car. (He's the handsome tall drink of water with the black jacket.)On Saturday we went to Lafayette to meet up with Cappy's relatives and party all day, watching a couple of parades. I didn't get any pictures of the night parade, but took plenty of the Childrens' Parade. I hope you get the feel of being at the party, even tho you might not recognize folks, but come on along and watch the parade with us.
(You might know it. I see it still wants to fight. When the play thingy is pushed, it goes to "buffering", whatever That means. I left it doing it's 'thang' and went in the other room. When it thought I wasn't looking, I heard it start playing, so came in and started watching it again...til it caught me and started the buffering business again. If you don't mind all that, and are more patient than I am, ya just might see the family stuff and parade. Then again, it might work just great for you, as long as it knows I'm not around :-)
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