Lemon Jelly

Like we said in the previous post; the lemon jelly was wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that we got up early this morning and made a few more batches for good measure. Friend Sam stopped by and visited with me while I squeezed da last batch. We made plans for a double date to go out and eat some BBQ tomorrow, and I'm sure we will tell yall all about the fun we gonna have. for the last batch of jelly, Peggy and I (always thinkin') decided to try something different and made a batch of lemon pepper jelly. I mean, what would you do if'n you were us, with a wheel-barrow full of lemons and a freezer full of cayenne peppers? It is stuff like this that makes life a joy for us. I squeezed, Peggy chopped, and next thing ya know we had a batch canned. Taking a hint from Amy, an exellent pepper jelly producer, we turned the jars up-side down to evenly distribute the chopped peppers throughout the jelly. Peggy always makes all our labels and cards & stuff, and I think she out-did herself on the jelly labels. In case the pepper jelly labels are hard to see here is a copy of the peppers she drew for it. I will not share the pepper jelly recipe on accounta we plan to tweek it more to our liking. Here is the lemon jelly recipe we used though. I include this for all the other folks down South here with a tree full of lemons to deal with.

Lemon Jelly
4 cups meyers lemon juice
7 cups sugar
1 box(2- 3oz.pouches)Certo liquid pectin

Slowly bring sugar and lemon juice to a boil stirring constantly. Add the liquid pectin and bring back to a rolling boil continuing to stir. Boil for 1 minute then remove from the heat, skim off and discard the foam, then can immediately. Makes 8- 8oz. jelly jars. When canning, we sterilize our jars in bleach and dish detergent water, then park them in a 180 degree oven up-side down on a rack 'til needed. We also keep our rings and lids warm in a pot of water on top of the stove. There is something very satisfying 'bout the "tink, tink" of the cooling canned things, after working hard to prepare them.

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