Dyed-in-the-Wool Cajun Dawg.

I'm hoping to have Ray's sister and family over tomorrow to dye eggs again. Since Cappy will be on 'da boat' when we do this, I'm also hoping that the eggs are the only thing that get colored. He used the above picture a couple of years ago, when he was home to 'help' decorate the eggs, to demonstrate why Cajuns should not drink beer while they are dying eggs.
They have this wonderful technique that I've never done before, using oil on top of the colored hot water, and do lots of dipping to achieve this marbled effect. They always have a 'contest' complete with jeering and taunting to see whose egg will be the Best. I've suffered several insult injuries due to my lack of experience. They are such a fun bunch! I just LOVE 'em!
Then we feast on something sumptious that Cappy prepares. Since he's not here, and we have a freezer full of shrimpsus, and it IS Good Friday, we will be having deep-fried cajun spiced shramps. (I'm just not up to making shrimp ettouffee for company yet.)
This is all a big IF...'if' they come on over tomorrow. IF they do...pictures will surely follow. Pray for da dawgs. Pray for da kids. Pray for da parents of da kids. Pray for us all. For sure IF they do come, we will 'pass a good time'!
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