The REAL Survivor Man.

We are around. Just not around the computer. Cappy got home Wednesday, a week and a day early. Boat snafu of some sort. On the way home we were off shopping for stuff for him to take back on the boat. Electrical wires for charging this or that...don't ask me...I'm not the one with the electrical engineering degree...Cappy is. Yesterday we went furniture and grocery shopping, then today got up early, worked on the yard for half the day, then the rest of the day went to the River and fished. I had Cappy hold my pole for me, turned my back to get a soda, and he caught this huge eel for me. He tossed it back. He does NOT like the slime on them. There was a lot of traffic on the ol' Mississippi which made for lots of big waves washing at us. To make matters worse, there were lots of things along the edge that kept snagging our lines, so we lost a bunch of them. We caught a nice catfish finally, so Cappy said, "Remind me not to come fishing here anymore; there's too much junk here...it's concrete and metal netting to prevent erosion". So we drove up along River Road looking for more places to fish, found none, and came home. Cappy got out his fillet knife and in less than ten minutes later, turned the catfish into the most tender, succulent buttery, spicey appetizers ever. We took out a couple of zip-lock bags of shrimp outa the freezer and turned it into shrimp stir fry. So...fresh off da press, Cappy and his dawgs are sitting in the den watching SurvivorMan, who is trying to survive in the swamp. Migosh. It's not such a big whoop-de-doo to Cajuns...surviving in the swamp. We just about eat for free down here. Catfish, shrimp, crawfish, salad from our garden, juicy plums from our trees. Cappy grew up in the swamp bringing luscious goodies home to his Mom's supper pot. The land has always been good to them. TV's "Survivor Man"....the big baby.
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