My Easter "Peeps"

The following pictures are of the people I spent my Easter Sunday with. (I tried HARD to combine the first two pictures into one...to no avail...maybe later.) This is the Our Lady of Peace Gospel Choir. I got up EARLY to go sing with them. This mass started at 7 a.m.

You can see by the beautiful smiles on their faces what a fun bunch they are. You can only imagine what the practices are like. If I'm not feeling well and go to choir practice, I laugh so much during the session that I come out feeling 100% better. I love every one of them dearly. Our beloved choir director is Ms. Melissa, who is standing next to the speaker. I just adore her. Ms. Willie May, standing second from left in back, is also a woman whom I respect so very highly.

This is our neighbor, Sonia, from whom I have learned Sooo much. I just don't know how to tell you how much she does for the neighborhood and community. If there's anything anyone needs to know, and just can't seem to find the answers, Sonia is one of the first people I and others turn to. She's not so much a 'peep'...she's a 'chick'...you oughta see her speed around the neighborhood walking. This woman is getting younger and cuter every year. Grrrrr. This is Jude, Sonia's husband. He is an honorable, respected lawyer.

The next batch of pictures were taken at their house. They asked me to come over and have Easter Dinner with them and their wonderful family. I had the BEST time!

Although I was introduced to each and every person, and have met them before, I'm chagrined to admit I can't remember all of their names. But aren't they gorgeous??

Before I went to dinner at the neighbor's house, I had stayed at church to play with the Spirit of Praise Choir for the 9 a.m. mass. This is not a picture from this year, but last year's. I had a hard time coraling them for another group picture, so I clicked away as best I could, missing lots of them. So this year this group of 'peeps' are scattered. (In case anyone who is not familiar, "Peeps" is slang for "people"....as in, "These are my people")

The beautiful lady on the right is Ms. Karen, our Choir leader. She has many other responsibilities in the church, but enjoys leading our group in worship with Joy and a sense of community. I respect her leadership very much, but I gotta tell ya, the lady cracks me up sometimes...she can be so funny! The woman on the left, is Ms. Carra-Bell (I know I miss-spelled her name for sure). She's also such a sweet lady, and has a nice singing voice that I can hear from where I sit ensconced under my accordian.
...And last, but not least is our pastor, Father Micelli. He is a priest, yes, but he's a lot of fun. He always starts out with a joke, then leads into a brief homily that always gives me something to remember and mull over for weeks, at least. He's cool. He wants to take Cappy up on his offer and go fishing with us. I sure hope we can when Cappy gets off the boat next. Uhmmm. I'll bet I know who gets more fish, tho. Hmmm.

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