So He Sez, "No More April Fool's Jokes".

Well, here's the picture: my first year here, I tried carrying on my tradition of 'dirdee tricks' for April 1st. I just didnt' tell Cappy. I told him that while I was driving home, I saw some people gathered around where we put our boat in at the boat launch, so I stopped to see what was going on. (Cappy says I'm snoopy and yeah, it would be just like me to stop.) There was some guy in a boat, trying to start his motor, having no success. What had the people who were watching, upset, was the fact that the guy in the boat had a monkey on a leash in the boat with him and he kept waving his arms around and yelling at the poor little thing. He was just mad that he couldn't get his stupid boat started, so he was taking it out on the monkey. At this point I asked Cappy how come some people are allowed to keep exotic pets and treat them like that. He said, irritated, "I don't know...I've seen it before down here in South Louisiana, tho." I continued that it was upsetting to those of us standing around watching, too. At one point the man threw an oar at the monkey and tried to make him row the boat, while he kept trying to get the motor started. He kept yelling at the monkey, who was shaking and scared. The man yelled louder, "Row you stupid Ape! ...Ape! ROW! Fool!"
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