"Going Postal"

These are my girls. They are my 'angels'. They were the first people I met when I moved to town almost five years ago. For being a small town post office, it's always very busy.
Ms. Beverly on the left and Ms. Vanessa on the right. See how warm and friendly their smiles are? They are like family to me now. As I said, it's a small town and people watch out for each other. Before 911 they really didn't have all that much to be wary about...not really. Until the first day I walked in with a package to mail which was wrapped in a ton of tape, with no return address on it. Ms. Vanessa said it needed a return address. I lowered my voice and whispered that I didn't want anyone to know where it came from. (I had left NYS under difficult circumstances and needed time to reestablish my life without anyone 'coming after me'....family... not the law or anything like that, lest you think who-knows-what, but I hadn't as of yet, explained it to anyone at the post office.) When I whispered that I didn't want anyone to know who or where the package was from, Ms. Vanessa raised one eyebrow and kinda/sorta backed away from the package on her countertop, but I smiled and said, "...it's okay...but I just don't want anyone to know where I am, is all", paid to send it and went home. On the drive home I kept thinking, "I'll bet everyone in the post office is thinking there's a bomb in that package...I'd better call when I get home and explain." I think I did. I hope I did. But for quite awhile, until they got to know me, I always got the feeling that they were kind of uneasy whenever I showed up with a package to mail, and thus handled it gingerly. I got the feeling that behind the scenes they suspected I was some kind of terrorist. I learned that I wasn't the only other Yankee suspected of being a terrorist as well. A man moved down here from up north a little while before I did. I can't remember his circumstances, but they, too, on the surface appeared to be shady as well. These poor ladies...they never knew when either of us would show up and make them perhaps a little apprehensive. I have to say that I can't blame them, tho; 911 was a terrible time. It made us all aware of our circumstances and to be careful of strangers as never before. As it turned out, both we Yankees are harmless. About 6 months ago I got to meet the young gentleman at the post office. I think they laughingly introduced us to each other as, "the other terrorist". Actually, now the only terror I create for them is when it's almost closing time, the place is full of customers and I walk in with a huge stack of packages full of holiday candy or our spice or birthday gifts to mail north to my family and friends, who now obviously know where I am.
I have so much to thank these ladies for, but space will not permit me here. Ms. Beverly is actually responsible for my joining our church. If it were not for both of them encouraging me, and enabling me to attend the church, and with my music, I'd be lost and discouraged for certain. Now I know where I can always go for a smile.
....and upon leaving, you always hear, "Ya'll take care now!!"
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