Eggsceptional Eggstravaganza

This is just a quick note, as I'm on the way out da door. Going to the neighbors' for dinner!! We didn't get to color the eggs til yesterday, but what a lot of fun. I'll elaborate more later. This is Cappy's sister, Maria and her beautiful family. (I'm sure after I left, they put the eggs in a much nicer container...this is how it's done to let the wet eggs dry.)

Ms. Blythe, proud of this one, and wow, Mom's got a great tan already, and it's only April!

As you can see, Ms. Claire really puts herself into her egg designs.
And after all her efforts, Ren thinks his is definitely much better. ...and scoffs at the idea that his Dad's is even better than his.
The efforts continue, everyone smug, knowing in their hearts that because they are having the most fun, that their eggs are actually the best this year.
Darryl (Dad) declares, once again himself to be the winner and that everyone else's look like "poo". Ms. Blythe declares Dad is the 'loooozer'.

...and pronounces herself the winner. Actually, even tho I admit my eggs looked like 'poo' again this year, I was the winner because I got to be there with them.
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