It's Not Always Clear.

This is a lighthouse in Buras, South Louisiana. If fog is this bad in daylight out where Cappy is, think about how bad fog can be at night out there. I don't know any way to explain Cappy's situation the other night, other than to explain to those who understand what it's like to be in a snow-storm white-out while you are driving. Suddenly you can see nothing in front of you. You apply the brakes, but don't know if you are still moving, have stopped, or are spinning, headed toward something dangerous. I personally haven't been in such a thick fog as this, but I'm sure many of you have. (A friend of mine from church lost her husband in a terrible car accident due to bad fog in our area.)
Cappy is always saying that I "pester" the Lord alot. I prefer to say that I keep Him company. Well, Cappy told me that the other night, in the middle of the night, when the fog suddenly set in, like someone having thrown a blanket over them, it was one of the worst places he could think of for it to happen. He was still moving along the Intercoastal Waterway, a narrow bridge was near, and lots of other boats where parked everywhere. All at once he could see none of them. Cappy pushes a huge barge loaded with petroleum....it's flamable. Even with all his navigational equipment, solid fog is extrememly dangerous. His crew was peacefully asleep in their bunks below. He had to do something and fast. He forgot all the formalities and said aloud, "Oh LORD! This is not good! This fog has GOT to GO!!!"
He paused while telling me. He said, "Peg, you're not going to believe me...the fog lifted." The fog around his boat and barge disappeared. He could see the dense fog beyond the clearing in front, on the sides and behind him, but there was a 'bubble' of no fog in front, sides or behind his boat. He drove on, thinking he could find a place to 'tie up' and wait for the fog in the area to clear entirely. As he got to the next place, the 'bubble' followed him, the fog closing back in behind him as he moved along. He had to pause a couple of times and was quiet on the other side of the phone as he told me what happened. He had kept moving foward, creeping along the canal, come to another boat who was tied up along the bank. That boat would become visible, coming out of the fog, then as Cappy passed, the fog closed back in around that vessel. This happened all along the Intercoastal Waterway, all night, passing one boat after another until he got to his destination.
He was so humbled by the experience. So touched. I think this fog experience brought him closer to the Lord. But the fog brought my friend's husband even closer to the Lord. It's a lot to think about.
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