Alright, Where Were We...?

We are back from the Stone Age; the land of no telephone and internet service. We tried beating out a blog on the old messenger drum, but it appears that the drumline, as well as the phone line was out of service due to rough weather recently, and it's way too foggy in South Louisiana for smoke signals. So, that's why you haven't heard from us in a week or so. When the repairman just left a little while ago, I leaped online to let everyone know where we've been, but wouldn't you know it...the blog site said it was closed up for some kind of problem, which they were working on and for me to check back in a bit. Well, I waited a few minutes, and here we are! Now, in case this blog still isn't working properly, and has plans on eating what I've just written, this will be a "Test and only a Test", with a ton of writing and pictures to follow, in the near...uh, very near future. We missed Ya'll and hope you didn't forget about us, for we surely didn't forget about you! (Cappy is still out on the boat for a couple more weeks.)
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