Well, I Just Don't Know How the Day Can Get Much Sweeter Than This.

What a wonderful day it's been so far. My dear, sweet Hubby...Cappy called and wish't me Happy Birthday, and hung on the phone with me, til somebody pulled up in the driveway with a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers and a bunch of balloons! The trickster kept saying all week from out on the towboat, "Awe, I'm so sorry I didn't get you anything for your birthday", then the Ol' Sweetie-Pie pulled this. He had it up his sleeve the whole time. Actually, I got a sound machine, too, that puts me to sleep with the sound of rain, too, but he said that gift doesn't count. Oh yes it does! I LOVE it!

Talk about Sweet, look at this face.

This is Aunt Gussie. She just called me, too, and made my day. Every time I see her I just feel as though I'm home. She is so maternal; nurturing and caring. She's just like that. It's what I miss most from my Mom and grandmother. I'd like to give her a big kiss and put her in my pocket so I could keep her. I don't get to see her anywhere near as often as I'd like, but I Love her dearly. I only wish we lived closer.

Dan, his wife, Jen, and his family sent this huge fruit basket, which also contained Nestle Crunch bars, assorted Hershey bars and kisses. Cappy warned me to take pictures before I pawed through it....too late. This was as good a picture as I could get before anymore "dis-assembling" took place. It's got pears and apples and kumquats and...and...Right now it looks as though one of "Thom's bears" from yesterday's story, had gotten ahold of it. Yummmeee.

Take a look at these roses! Three dozen!!! Joe and Jessica & family sent them. Plus, they came in a big crystal vase, which I see now that I've got the picture posted, didn't show. The smell is wonnnderful. If you can get the picture to enlarge, do it...the dark red rose looks almost velvet. Just gorgeous....all of 'em.

And here are the balloons and flowers that my HoneyBear sent.

As you know, I can't get the camera out without SparkyBear getting into the picture somehow. After I take the shot, he always wants to 'come see' himself in the picture on the computer, like a little kid. (He and his brother, MarkyBear have an appointment next week with the groomer to get all purdied up the day before their 'Dad' gets home...you can tell SparkyBear needs it.)

But aren't these flowers beautiful?? Cappy told them to make sure to include a lot of wild flowers because he and I love them so much. The tall green flower in the middle is one that I'm totally mystified by; I've never seen that type before. I love this assortment and can't stop going back to look at all the strange and wonderful plants in it. Check it out close up, if you can.
People online have sent ecards and regards, like Linda aka "Baker", and Foy and Mr. G. Our buddies.
And now, I'm gwinder get ready to go to Mass, come home and settle in for the Saints and Eagles' game. This has been the best season for the Saints EVER, and it could possibly be one more step on their way to the Super Bowl. Even if they don't win today (shhhhhut my mouth!) they have been wonderful for the spirit and morale of the people in the New Orleans area. You just can't imagine it...the whole town is bursting at the seams with happy, celebrating people wearing the Black and Gold colors of the team. Even the Eagle fans have been having a great time this past week partying in New Orleans, getting ready for the big game. Both team camps "picking" back and forth at each other good-naturedly. We've all been yelling, "Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints!"
The Saints winning would be a great way for this day to get any SWEETER!

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