Dawg Tired and Cat Napping.

The roses Joe, Jessica and the kiddoes sent get more beautiful each day.
Thank you all for the wonderful ecards, etc. for my big o'l dreaded birthday. (Taylor and Teri and Cooker and Taffy and Lona and Helen....and Foy, I meant to mention your 'angel', Mrs. Brenda. And of course, thanks to you, too, Anonymous.)You made it so much nicer with your thoughtfulness. And Da Saints won, as you prolly already know...Yee Haw! IF they beat Da Bears this weekend, it's one more step toward the Super Bowl...first time ever for these guys.
Cappy gets home tomorrow! Can I get another Yee Haw?! We plan on settling in, watching the Saints game, then sometime in the next two weeks, we plan on going on over to Atlanta to the High Art Museum! It's one of my big gifts from Cappy for Christmas. I thought brushing a cat in one's lap with an electric egg-beater would be easier than getting Cappy into an Art Museum. He's had it planned for quite awhile. On display there are the works collected by the great kings. It was quite an accomplishment getting them all on display in one place, and they are only on loan for a brief time. I'm all stoked.
I forgot to tell you what else Cappy got me for Christmas. Let's see...one year it was a MOP. Another year it was a Cajun fishin' tackle box. Last year, tho, he gave me an electric keyboard. This year, besides the trip to the art museum, it's a 22 rifle! His friends on the boat, said, "Man! Don't give your wife a GUN for Christmas! She'll shoot you". He thought about it, then decided he was going to anyhow. ("She'll shoot you") I thought about it, then decided not to anyhow. Actually, I like target practice.
Well, so what I've been doing is getting ready for the Cappy to come home tomorrow. Today I took SparkyBear and MarkyBear to get all groomed and pretty for when their "Dad" gets home. Raleigh can have a regular bath in the tub. When the 'boys' get home from the groomer, Raleigh doesn't know what to make of them, all poofy, powder puff-looking and smelling of some kind of sweet vanilla/flower scent. Sparky doesn't know he's a 'shee shee froo froo' and starts running all over, rolling in the grass, looking for something wonderfully horrible to roll in.
It's been quite a month, and I'm bushed already. I'd better take a nap or something, cuz when Cappy gets off the boat, as you know, we are off and running.
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