jan. 25 3:45 pm

When it comes to road food, Peggy and I like to get off the interstate into little towns. The "interstate oasises" that have sprung up around almost every exit are convenient with their Gas and fast food one-stop store, but for 'Real' food ya gotta get into the lil towns off the interstate and look for a place thas been in business longer than the interstate has been in existance. We found a jewel of a lil Georgia town called Newnan, bout 4 miles offn da interstate. It was a quaint lil southern town with a very nice stately collection of old homes in it's historic district.Peggy and I wandered several blocks of the tree lined streets enjoying the old southern architecture and just imagining what it must be like in the Spring all ablaze with bloomage. Matter of fact, we plan to come back in the Spring and find out for ourselves; the place is just that pretty. To make this lil side adventure all the more special, we stumbled upon a neighborhood bbq joint. Hank's Hickory BBQ resturant was a wonderful find, full of Southern charm and hospitality, decorated with assorted tacky paraphenalia, dominated by a Pig collection. Peggy and I felt right at home. For the Ribs to be any bettter I'da had to cook em ma self. Seriously, these were the best smoked Ribs I've bought in several years, and this from a guy who buys lots of bbq. Peg had a big ole salad that she couldn't eat half of and I had my first ever bowl of Brunswick stew. It was tomato corny, meaty, smoky delicious. I can't stress enough this advice to my fellow travelers: (Take this from some fun lovin chubby foodies) LEAVE THE FAST FOOD BEHIND! Go just a few miles off the interstate towards a dot on the road map, look for the old part of town; ya just may find some history along the way. Go eat at someone's place. Usually the sign reads a first or family name, followed by the word restaurant,diner or grill, or in this case "BBQ". You will seldom ever be disappointed, and most often meet some wonderful people that are genuinely glad you stopped in, just like the good folks at Hank's.

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