It's That Time Again

It's been a wonderful, restful time off. We had a ball on our lil road trip to Atlanta. I wish it hadn't rained so much, cause there is lots of stuff I wanted to do in the yard. We only got to work in the yard 1 day and it was really too wet then. We only scratched the surface of our gettin' ready for Spring gardening. One thing is for sure, there was ample time for "couch potatoing" and Sunday afternoon naps. I ship out tomorrow, bright and early for the whole month of February. As always, I'll keep the camera handy and try to take some nice pictures to share with you. Til I'm home to blog again, I hope you are safe and happy.I'm sure Peggy is looking forwards to her 'take' on things and will post while I'm gone. As always, I ask that yall leave us a comment and let us know how you are and what ya think. It means a lot to us and we love hearing from you. That is the motivation that keeps us blogging, and thanks for it. Well, see ya in March; til then ,may God bless you and yours.
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