Hunkering Heron

Well, in case ya aint noticed, ever since the movie "Dukes of Hazzard" came out, every 'talking head', on every news broadcast, went to lots of trouble to work the phrase "hunker down" into their commentary. Why, during the hurricanes, ya heard "Hunker down" every few minutes for months. You don't hear it as often anymore, now that the 'new' has worn off it, but still on occasion, ya learn that someone is hunkering down somewhere. Not news-worthy, in my opinion; guess das why ya don't see my chubby, fuzzy face on tv anchoring the nightly news. I can see it now: "This is Cappy coming to you live from Colorado, where folks are hunkering down in the threat of blizzard conditions". Rest assured, that aint happening. For those of you unsure what 'hunker down' means, I use the pictures I took of a young blue herron one cold, drizzly morning as an example.

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