Another Awful Bear Story For Our Blog

It was a wonderful ride this year. The Saints have nothing to be ashamed of. One of the reasons everyone in the New Orleans area was so darned excited about The New Orleans Saints was that, dang, if the "Come-from-behind" Saints could come back victoriously, and win (...something that was totally unthinkable for years) then maybe so could New Orleans herself. Last year, while New Orleans was still doubled over, trying to recover from a 'sucker-punch' in the gut, Tom Benson, the owner of the Saints was thinking about uprooting the whole team and moving the them to San Antonio, TX., which only served to deepen the grief of our area even more. Lose New Orleans AND the Saints?! We are so grateful that for whatever reason, he decided to persevere and keep the team in New Orleans. On television he appears to be as happy as we are.
Today may be the end of our season, but this team has only just begun; the Best is yet to come! The Saints are still our winners! As in the past, things might get New Orleans down, but when all looks lost, there's always been a pulse, so we hold our heads high and still say, "Who Dat!?"
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