Jan. 25 @1pm

We went straight to the museum like we knew where we were going, a rarity for us. The exhibit from the Lourve was wonderful. The pencil sketches and studies were amazing. Most of them never before exhibited. I was impressed by the fact that many of the sketches were from the artists' sketch pads, and represented studies on works they were going to paint. Many of the completed works no longer exist. Several of them had grids super-imposed on them by the artist, who used them to "blow up" to mural size, to adorn the wall or ceiling of some church or castle. The thought that some ole painter held the sketches we were seeing, in one hand and painted a 150' masterpiece on some wall or ceiling with the other hand, really amazed me. Anyways das what impressed me the most. Peg, I'm sure, will have much more to say bout the art work later. I leave that to her. So now we off in search of something to eat on the way home.

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