Artigue Family Reunion

Peggy and I went to a family reunion yesterday of my Mom's family. We had a wonderful time; it was great seeing folks again and introducing Peggy to some of my family she hadn't met yet. We can't thank Meli and Jody enough for inviting us to their home. It was truly a good time. As usual, we took lots of pictures and loaded them into a yahoo photo album for all to see. Just click the title of this entry to be brought there. A good way to see the pictures, when you get to the photo album, is to click on "slide show", wait for it to load, then sit back and enjoy. I did something different this time and configured the pictures so any one can comment on them. We would really appreciate it if family members, looking in, would comment on the pictures, by naming the folks in the picture. 'Specially the kids. I, of course, know all of my generation, but their kids and spouses, and their kids' kids and spouses are hard to place. So, we would appreciate the help. Also, if any of yall have pictures ya would like to include to our collection of yesterday's events, just e-mail 'em to Peg's or my e-mail box and we will be glad to add them.
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