Missy Inaction

Balmed or bombed. I pronounce them both about the same. Something I tried learning years ago was that before I spoke, was to weigh the words in my mind and determine whether or not the sentence I was about to speak would help or hurt the situation. Too bad the curtesy isn't always returned. Sooo, because of all that, I've been off on a pout all this time. Nothing I'm proud of, but it took that long to 'feel like that til' I didn't feel like that anymore' about my writing. I'm just glad Cappy was here to fill in the gap for me while I was doing nothing on our blog, here. He always does such a great job. He's a wonderful man, dat guy.

I apologize for starting off with that petty rant. I know it probably only made you confused, but....it's what I was doing; "Nuffin". It's where I was; "in the background". I'm so sorry that I made some of you worry.

While Cappy was off the boat this time, not only did we go to two major family get-togethers, but he worked hard making our carport look glorious. We put all the plants to one side, then he carried three tons...literally 3 TONS of red brick paving stones and laid them all out on the carport. And guess what white, curly, furry pal, 'helped' with every trip to the truck. Now, instead of 'carport', we are calling it a patio. It looks gorgeous. Whenever it had rained, the carport would flood, so our neighbor, Sonia suggested we brick the area. Good idea; it's rained already, and the bricks hold the water at bay. She came over today with her lawn blower to help get the grass off the bricks, which had blown all over it when the lawn got mowed and edges got 'weed-whacked'. One of the neighbor 'kids', young man, actually, "Mr" Brett, does a very nice job on our yard, even in the withering heat of Summer.
I just ran outside and took a couple more pictures for you, because I especially wanted to show you a prized possession that Cappy's sister and brother-in-law just brought back from Paris. They had gone to visit the actual flower garden of Monet`, which still exists, and brought back a ceramic mushroom/windchime for me. As an artist, I can't tell you how excited and touched I was, and still am. They had left the price tag on, which I thought was very cool, because of the European currency sign on it. They are both school teachers, and were on a trip with their students to Paris and London. Darryl is an Art teacher and Maria is a Family and Consumer Science teacher. Not only did they bring me something from Monet`s house, they visited William Shakespeare's home (OMGosh, I LOVE reading his works) and brought us back a book from the gift shop there. To top it off, knowing their brother, Cappy, as they do, how much he loves sitting outside on the carport..."Patio", playin' da Blues on da outside stereo, they had gone to the Hard Rock Cafe` in London and brought him back a midnight black t-shirt with a drawing on the back; an original design by Eric Clapton!
Now we can sit out on our patio, reading, listening to the blues and actin' like we Somebody. Oh, I'm feelin' gooood now.

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