Mr. Ed and Jean's Visit(Randol's Restaurant)

While Mr. Ed and Jean were visitin', we took them to Randol's Resturant in Lafayette, La. Randol's is an old-fashioned Cajun dance hall/ restaurant. This is a wonderful tradition that is far too rare these days, in rural America; a place with live music, good food and a family atmosphere. Small children can be seen learning to dance by standing on their grandparents' toes, as they waltz or two-step across the floor. We got there early and settled down to enjoy several cold beers and some appetizers as the crowd slowly trickled in. Cousin Larry met us and we sat around visiting and munching assorted goodies, like deep-fried fish, deep-fried shrimp, crawfish, deep-fried alligator, and deep-fried pepperjack cheese, as well as deep-fried seafood and baked stuffed mushrooms.

When the music started,we ordered our dinner,and ate,visited and had a wonderful time. Peggy taught Mr. Ed the Cajun "2-step" between nibbles . The food was delicious. I ate 15 lbs of boiled crawfish, and of course, taught the "Yankees " how to peel and eat them. A little skeptical at first, they were soon enjoying the crawfish too.

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