Mr. Ed and Jean(the boat ride)

When I finally got home from "the ten week hitch", Peg and I were blessed with a visit from our dear friends the Radigans. Among the many gifts my sweet wife has given me is a couple of new friends that I nightly thank God for the privilege of knowing. They graced our lil home with a visit and we just had too much fun. We did all the usual things we love to do and brought them along. We went for a boat ride through the bayou lands of south central Lousiana. We had fun zipping down the bayou munching on cold fried chicken while the Radigans tried to hang onto their hats. Peggy sat up front pointing out the sights, when we slowed down moving along leisurly enjoying the view. We showed Gene a beautiful water hyacinth bloom and explained how that innocent-looking flower was responsible for so much misery in the swamps. We also pointed out some of the little camps that people have parked here and there along the bayous. I love these lil houseboats, as they have lots of character and I think they are much cooler than the store-bought variety. The resourceful Cajuns always manage to find something that floats, and build a camp on it. Limited only by their imagination and spare change, they always impress me with the style and character of the camps they come up with.

It was a wonderful day and all I can say is: AAAAAiEEEEEEEEEE!! Ma`, son of a gun we had big fun on da bayou.

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