The Little Garden that Can

When we first started planting our lil 12' by 4' garden we got several skeptical comments from friends and neighbors. The town we live in is a big time farming community. Heck, the folks down the street own a several thousand acre sugar cane plantation. So imagine their reaction when we planted a 48 square ft. garden. For those of you who don't remember our lil garden, I've gone ahead and 'drug up' a pic from last month.

Well, over the last 4 or 5 years, our neighbors looked on in amazement as we lugged pan after pan of fresh veggies from our little garden. They even began to anticipate our fresh beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, etc. we harvest from this one little patch of dirt and share with them.
It's got to the point now, where we see several neighbors with their own version of our lil garden in their yards, as well as family members callin' us for advice. The first crop to come in every year is our snap beans. We plant the bush bean variety, cuz the garden is too small to have the vining variety. Well anyways, as you can see, the beans quickly take over and literally hang out the sides of the garden. We pick a big pan full of beans every 3 days and have already filled our freezer and have given away a bunch of 'em.
The beans are just the first things to produce. Hot on their heels are the tomatoes and cucumbers. When they finish, we will put in squash and okra; yes, all in this little patch. We will keep yall posted through the year and you will see for yourselves what this lil garden CAN do. But for now it's time to go pick the beans....... AGAIN!!!!!

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