Worth a Closer Look

Those of you who read this lil blog know how much I love my job. There's nothin' like cruising through the bayous of South Louisiana slow enough to really see things. After doing this for years ya develop a pretty good eye for the unusual and even from a distance ya notice things that require a closer look. Now, it's not always a great find. Many times I've reached for the binoculars or camera only to discover the pretty bird or flower I thought I saw was just a surveyor's ribbon or worse, just a shiny plastic bag or some trash. Every once in a while ya see something beautiful.This particular morning I saw what appeared to be some type of orange flowers in the distance, and for some reason they looked different so I grabbed my camera and zoomed in for closer inspection. Yep, no doubt about it these flowers were special for a swamp scene. I definitely wanted an even closer look. I gave control of the boat to my pilot, donned my life jacket, grabbed my camera and headed out to the front of the barge for a better view. They were truly worth the effort. When I showed the pics to Peggy, she said they were either Canna or Calla lilies. I'm not sure which but they were definately worth a closer look.

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