Mr. Ed and Jean's Visit(a cajun village)

When we have company, Peg and I love to take them to a spot a little ways outa town known as "A Cajun Village". The folks there are very friendly and we like to go on week-days when the business is so slow that the 'chef' can often be seen nappin' in the corner. We love this little restaurant and the bignets can not be beat. They fry 'em up fresh by order, only, and when combined with cafe` au lait, it's a Cajun breakfast dream come true. Aside from the resturant, there are lots of shops and antiques every where to peruse. Jean and Mr. Ed tried to get the fiddle player to saw out a tune, but he seemed content to just sit there and bask in the smell of honeysuckle that wafted in on the morning breeze. The only ones that seemed quite bored with our visit were the real gators we saw out back by the bayou, napping in the morning sun
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