Raleigh, the yard-dawg stayed home yesterday while 'the boys' went to PetSmart and got all pampered. They were a real mess, but a nice young lady named Kami wielded her talents on them and got them back to being the pure white soft powderpuff 'teddybears' they're supposed to be. They are so fun and snuggly when they are like that; even Raleigh likes playing and snuggling with them.
As cute as they are, you'd be surprised at what good watch dogs they are, and that people are actually afraid to come onto our property; of course when they are 'on duty', they are barking their heads off and there are three of them. From reading past blogs, you know that they all hate the "Oops Guy"...the guy in the brown delivery truck. One time when he was delivering a package next door, he was out of my sight range, but I could see our dogs all in a froth to get to him, which they couldn't, of course, because of our invisible fence. I couldn't see what he did, but in mid-yelp, they all jumped back, scared and ran for the house. As soon as they got their bearings, they ran down the length of our yard, barking after his truck, as he drove out of the neighborhood. They might be sound asleep, but as soon as he drives up our street, they are outa the house all in one accord as a posse to 'git im'.
It's not a good thing, tho, cuz I am expecting several packages. I've requested the yellow truck, or Fed-X, but the brown truck keeps showing up. Now he's taken to 'accidentally' delivering stuff to my neighbors. At least it's better than the usual upside down on the door step, or upside down in the flowerbeds.
Gosh, I have the dogs here to protect me and keep me company. Who could possibly resist a smile like Raleigh's anyhow?

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