Cappy Chinos

In the last few weeks, we've had a quite a few road trips; graduation parties, then Cappy has had to get off the boat to be able to to attend his grandmother's funeral last week, then this last weekend we attended his goddaughter, Treasure's wedding. No matter the circumstance, whenever we go galivanting off down the road, seeing how it's usually early morning when we start, we get a couple of large mugs of cappuccino. Being the nifty cook he is, he's not content to just lift the handle, letting just any coffee flavor pour into our cups. He mixes the flavors...a dash of regular cappucino, a couple of glogs of French vanilla, a good amount of cocoa, hint of cinamon, then adds some sugar, and a couple of creamers. It's always a wonderful surprise and each delicious warm savored sip is pure heaven. I didn't know he did all that, so when I stopped and got myself some cappuccino one time, migosh, was I let down. No matter what he's dealing with as far as 'food', the man always makes it better than it is.
We got to see folks on both sides of his family, many whom he hadn't seen in several years, people I'd never met, and beloved family, no matter if it's only been a little while since we'd last seen them, we still can't get enough of being with them. Here's a picture of Cappy and one of our favorite cousins, Robin. She is just about the coolest gal we know! (She is Aunt Carolyn's daughter...see the same smile?)
At Treasure and Tim's wedding, we got to escort Cappy's mother. (I love this lady with all my heart; she's the only mom I have now.) We picked her up at her nursing home, took her to the wedding, then to the reception. She tires easily, so we took her home early. On the way back, Cappy put the Eagles CD in and we sang along. (Music is a staple to our road trips.) I was so thrilled to see his Mom singing, too, and especially, the "oooh oooh" parts. Even tho she has a hard time smiling broadly, or talking exactly coherently anymore, I think somewhere 'in there' she's still 'got it'.

We didn't take a lot of wedding or reception pictures, because there were cameras everywhere, so I thought eventually I'd be able to get my hands on them. I just relaxed and enjoyed the occasion, watching the goings ons. I did catch da guys whooping it up 'egging on' Uncle Eugene, (cousin Larry's Dad), who can still get down and "boogie-woogie-oogie til he just caint boogie no more", even if he is in his 70's. (I will have to getcha a picture of that one.)

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