2009 Serama Chicken Show

Although my house is still in major disarray, boxes scattered everywhere, etc. I wanted...needed a 'time out'. It was a toss up today as to whether I'd try to get that video out that I started last night or let you know what I did tonight. The chickens won. I got out of the house and 'helped' at the Serama Chicken Extravaganza 2009. I mostly just took pictures, handed out some fabulous Cajun corn and seafood soup to folks, ate some yummy crawfish, and visited with folks from up north and Holland and France who came to visit for the show, not to mention palled around with our friend, Susan aka Swag, and our 'peeps' from the town Forum. Tonight was just the warm-up; tomorrow is the big shindig. I'll report tomorrow and explain a little more about what it is.This is Mr. Jerry, the head of the whole shebang, making sure his guests are all having a good time. This is his wife, Mrs. Fay with their two daughters.I didn't get this young lady's name, but she sure knew how to peel and eat dem crawfish, which our friend, Todd cooked to spicey perfection!! Our buddies Sam and Stephen deep-fried some yummy catfish and alligator.

Cappy called from out on the boat to see how things were going, so Mr. Bebe` lifted a toast to him in absentia. The chickens are the real stars of the show, and the reason for the whole thing. The more I see these small beautiful chickens, the more I appreciate them, and especially their interaction with their owners. They have the sweetest personalities, like little pets, and I see that they do, indeed like to show off...they really do!

And I guess so do those silly 'chicks', "Swag and Pegody"...we be havin' fun, and plan on getting up early to go do it again tomorrow.
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