Where O Where Are They Tonight?

So...these two got an idea...a 'plan' if you will...
Since Mr. Ed is most likely way far away at home in western NY by now, and Cappy is out on the boat, I guess it's safe to post this video I promised you.
A little background: Mr. Ed was, by trade, a chemist, but by hobby, an entertainer. He's played everywhere with his guitar. He's got about a thousand of the silliest, craziest songs which he embellishes with wacky sound effects and his kazoo. I remember when we went to Dan's house for an outdoor cookout, and the family teenagers were there, rolling their eyes and most everything that came out of their mouths was the usual youthful sarcasms and opinions about everything they knew nothing about. Typical, but I digress. When Mr. Ed pulled out his guitar, they started snickering in derision, but by the time he had played about five songs, they were like little kids hanging all over him, arms draped over his shoulders and wanting to get their picture with him. "He's a pretty cool ol' dude".
I met Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean at our church and played in the church choir band with him and about a dozen other musicians. I played with other Christian 'Rock' groups, too, but the most fun I had was when I played at church standing next to Mr. Ed. When a song was really lively, we'd be standing there 'bopping' and 'rocking' in synch to the beat with our 'axes'...his guitar, my accordian. Some people might think that church music has to be straight-laced and oh lawdy, don't let it get too much of a beat to it...that's disrespectful! I think there's room for both. And I can and have done both. Even in the days of the early Bible The Lord called for the people to dance. So I danced with my accordian before the Lord and Joy'd in Him and always had a wonderful time. O o...have I gone to preachin'??? (sorry 'bout that) Wellllll, anywaze...that's how I know Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean. Good friends.
Well, who knew when they came down to visit me, Mr. Ed and Cappy would hit it off like a couple of school boys. (And now, they both have a lot of just-as-crazy friends in our town, such as Sam, Skip, Todd, Stephen, Bebe`...ohhhh, I know I've left somebody out...hmmmm?)
The last night Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean were here, we sat around a campfire, singing along with Mr. Ed, who was playing on Cappy's mother's antique Sears and Roebuck guitar, as 'the boys' "toasted" one another. And they toasted a lot, that night. ...this video is the result of that:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-943xyHhZH4
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