Mr. Ed & Mrs. Jean's Whirlwind Visit 2009 video

We had such a fine time with Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean, and wish we could have taken more pictures and videos of the whole time they were here. Alas, we couldn't have, so we'll have to be content with what we have. Here is a short video of their whirlwind visit with us. I can't seem to find any pictures of us all when we visited the Gulf of Mexico. I know I took pictures, but dang if I can find 'em. Nontheless, we all had a blast. Road tripping, egg dying, another video of Mr. Ed making boudin is forthcoming, friends of theirs and ours, John and Donna coming to visit, Easter Sunday with Cappy's sister Maria and her family coming for a cookout, our friend, Melissa, Melan and little David stopping by and ...if I had time...oooh, just wait til you see what we are going to be putting on YouTube for yall. It all started one night with Mr. Ed and Cappy making a campfire in the yard, Mr. Ed tuning up Cappy's mother's old guitar, them sharing a few toasts and laughs...them both 'practicing' a song, and me being told not to tape it just yet. Til then here's this one; short and sweet.
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