A Mouthful for Mr. Ed

Our good friend, Sam is holding (drooling here) some wonderful Boudin that he smoked last week when Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean were here. The last time they came down, Mr. Ed got hooked on the wonderful meaty, ricey, spicey "sausage", and has lusted after it ever since. Cappy and Sam got a bunch of good ol' boys together in Sam's workshop and taught Mr. Ed how to make it, while Mrs. Jean and I visited with Sam's wife, Louise.
As if making the boudin wasn't enough, Sam smoked (drooling here again) the most delectable pork chops, beef jerky, some kind of fish(?) sausage, chicken...it's all incredible stuff, people! That's why I call him Suh-mokin' Sam. He made his smoker out of plywood...whodda thunk?? Cooking in a wooden box. All's I know is, it's darned good stuff the man's makin' over there.
Mr. Ed had a hard time wrapping his tongue around the correct pronounciation of Boudin, tho. As with a lot of the French words down here in South Louisiana, the "n" on the end of a word is not pronounced. Boudin sounds like, "Boo-Dahh" (as in Dad), with the emphasis on"Dahh", and it being said through the nose. I had to laugh because we confused the poor man even more. There was a store in the neighborhood called "Bodin", which sounded like "bo-dahh", but it recently closed. We kept mistakenly calling the new store by that name, throwing Mr. Ed off, whenever he went to say, "Boudin". "Boo-dahh...Boe-dahhh". He finally got it into his head that to say it correctly, he needed to growl the "dahh". The guys at Sam's had a blast 'pickin' at him, but Cappy said, it was just like Mr. Ed to "give as good as he got". And they in turn gave him the nickname Winchester, instead of Rochester, NY, where he's from. Well, he just had a blast that day and came home with an armload and belly load of his beloved Boudin. Here's the slideshow over at YouTube. I fear it's being there may be tenuous, as I also included music, which, although we PAID for our CD's, they still deem it wrong somehow, so paralyze our productions. (or some of 'em anyhow) So...I say, "see it whilst ye may".
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