Spring Has Sprung Down In Bayou Country

This hitch started off with nice weather and a beautiful sunrise, as viewed from behind the platform we were parked at. When Peggy was still in New York she usta tell me March was her most hated month. It was when the pretty white winter snow turned to ugly brown slush and Spring seemed like it would never come. I usta tell her March was our favorite month down in bayou country; it was when Spring would bust forth with bloomage. I spent the whole month of March on the boat getting home da day after April Fools Day. As ya can see from the pictures I took this hitch, the bayous are ablaze with Spring colors. I really enjoyed the hitch and have lots more pictures to share with yall, but for now I share these March flowers with you Yankees who are still cold muddy yucky and drab. Alls I can tell ya is : NAA NAA NANA BOOBOO!!

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