Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean arrived and we've been having all kinds of fun with them. Mr. Ed got to meet the local funsters and made boudin (they had fun teaching him how to say it). We are busily taking pics and will most likely be posting away when time permits. They are going to spend Easter with us, and once again, Cappy will be firing up the pit. Not conventional Yankee type Easter Dinner, but good and tasty nontheless. Cappy plans on making bbq'd pork ribs, bbq'd asparagus, his smoked mushroom appetizers, his bbq'd beans and uh...I fergit. Mrs. Jean will be making a potato salad, and already my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Once't again I will be 'playing' a chef named Sous. It's my lot in life, but I like it just fine.
The day before Easter, we plan on going over to Cappy's sister, Maria's house to color eggs. That's always a fiercly competitive hoot. Here's the link to last year's debacle to get a flavor of how it goes, and that's what I will leave you with, til next posting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZUhoZm4kDU
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