Dying to Tell You.

Finally!! I got the video made...tah-dah! It's the one of us at Cappy's sister Maria's house teaching Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean how to dye eggs with cooking oil. This year's production is not as polished, just so you know in advance. I guess it might be a little lengthy, too; about 9 minutes or so. I never talk (anymore) while I'm taping, but I almost laughed when Cappy can be overheard, saying, "Only for YOU (me) would I dye an egg green", because he hates green. (It's my favorite color) He loves it in nature; he'd have to love it, being out in the swamps and bayous and woods all day, everyday. So, it's a dichotomy...he hates green, but he loves green, but only as God made it, not dyed, man-made green things.
I thought it was cute where Blythe, who just turned 10, examining her multi-colored egg, declared herself the new "Jackson Pollock", who was, of course, the famous artist, whom my Dad dubbed, "The Splatter Artist". Her Dad, Darryl, as you may recall, is an high school art teacher. For some reason Darryl wasn't there to participate in our egg-dying fiasco...he was sorely missed. Therefore, we proclaimed ourselves to be the winners this year and beat a hasty retreat.
Speaking of eggs, tho...I have much to tell about the 'chicken show' from yesterday. Am dying to tell you about the 'peeps' I met.
Meanwhile, here's the link to YouTube to see the purpose of this particular post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En_rLcqr33w
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